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Cloud Atlases / Photography Sites
Houze's Cloud Atlas Courtesy of Candace Gudmundson
Clouds from Space Images from NASA courtesy of Calvin J Hamilton
ASW Weather Photography Michael Bath & Jimmy Deguara's site with thousands of brilliant pics catalogued for easy reference
Australian Weather Photos Michael Thompson's weather photo catalogue
South Australian Images Peter Dobre's landscape (including clouds) website
Wildscape Australia Peter Jarver
Conversion Tools
Wind Chill Calculator courtesy of Big Ben's Victoria
Calculators On Line Every calculator you can think of from the Martindale's Reference Desk
Sun Angle Calculator Provides all sort of interesting information about the sun in any location at any time you provide the information for
Time Conversion table from GMT/UTC/Z  to AEST & AEDST
The World Clock Tell the time around the globe (includes daylight savings periods too)
Great Circle Calculator Calculate the distance between 2 points using latitude & longitude.
The Weather Calculator  Handy temperature, pressure, moisture & windspeed conversions
A Guide to the Lifted Index by Ben Quinn & Anthony Cornelius (ASWA - Queensland)
Surface METAR Obs Users Manual For a detailed understanding of aviation forecasts
METR 151 Class Page Good basic meteorology tutorials
Storm Spotters Reference Tools
Observation Techniques Excellent introduction to observation by Jimmy Deguara (ASWA - NSW)
Australian Storm Spotters Guide Australian Bureau of Meteorology
Severe Storms in NSW & the ACT Australian Bureau of Meteorology
Thunderstorm Features Courtesy Syndey Stormchasers - a pictorial guide to thunderstorms
Severe Storms - Facts, Warnings & Protection Australian Bureau of Meteorology
Severe Weather Watcher Handbook Environment Canada
Storm Spotters' Field Guide Training for storm spotters by NOAA
Storm Spotters Guide NWS - Norman, Oklahoma
Storm Spotters Glossary NWS - Norman, Oklahoma
Severe Local Thunderstorms in Australia Paul Graham (ASWA - NSW)
Chase Safety Chuck Doswell's article on chasing with safety & courtesy
Forecasting Rules L Caltman (?) - but a good summary of ideas
StormTrack's list of stormchasers The original!!!
Storm Chasers on the Web Large list of chasers world wide
new01.gif (172 bytes) Thunderstorm Forecasting Courtesy Anthony Cornelius
Meteorology Education & Training Courtesy NOAA - self paced learning modules
Project Atmosphere Australia Online Sel Kerans award winning website - weather activities for schools
Interpreting Weather Satellite Images Online exercises from San Franciso Sate University
The Atmospheric System (Weather & Climate) A series of lectures - Dr D Harrison
The Atmospheric System (contd) The second series of lectures - Dr D Harrison
Clouds An explanation of cloud formation from NASA
WW2010 Educational site extraordinaire
NEMAS Education Great site - electronic book on weather observation techniques, guide to lifted index, skew-t, 500hPa maps
Index to Training Manuals and Essays on Storm Chasing & Meteorology Sam Barricklow's brilliant links page
The Semi-Official Microburst Handbook Homepage Fernando Caracena incudes paper by Chuck Doswell
Interpreting Weather Satellite Images An online exercise courtesy San Francisco State Uni
Aerographers' basic training series Convergence, divergence, vorticity, forecasting upper & surface systems, weather elements, severe weather & sea surface forecasting
Aerographers intermediate training series Fundamentals of meteorology, atmospheric physics, atmospheric circulation, air masses & fronts, surface & upper charts & analyses, tropical meteorology, satellite image analysis.
new01.gif (172 bytes) Manual of Synoptic Satellite Meteorology Zamg
Storm Track's Educational Resources Many worthwhile educational resources from the ground up!!
Online Meteorology Courses Courtesy Paul Sirvatka and the College of DuPage
USA Today - Weather The 'How's & Why's section has some useful info about the mechanics of weather
Birdcast Site demonstrating the use of radar in tracking migration
The Radar Etymology Website A site using radar to track insect movements
Make your own cumulus   Adjust the temperature and dew point & see the effect on the cloud!!
Make your own cumulonimbus!  Adjust the Skew T & see the what makes a cu turn into a cb!!
Lifted Parcel Profile   Use the mouse to drag the temperatures and dewpoints to new values & new stability values will be computed.
Balance of forces on the wind  Illustrates the balance the frictional, pressure gradient, and Coriolis forces
Marine Waypoints site links to all sorts of things
World Wide Weather Links WMO member country met organisations
Meteorological Information Source All sorts of interesting info, from storm chasing to upper air explanations
Royal Scottish Geographical Society Links page!
Excellent Weather Sites Lots of wx links from AirCal - part of the Aero webring
Weather Information Superhighway  USA's NWS list including international Weather Services
Markus Mentele's Links site German site with many European links to current info
Worldwide Weather Links  Carl Smith's fantastic list of weather links
TV USA Weather & TV supersite
Live Weather Images  Current weather Images (USA, Europe), Seismic Activity, Radar, Aviation forecasts
AltaVista Text Seach  Words but  very little advertising for a change
Northern Light  Rather useful search engine
Highway 61  Uses more than one search engine to do the work for you
AltaVista Translations  Translates from some European languages to English & vice versa
The Nine Planets A multimedia tour of the solar system
Andrew Wall's Space Links page Links page run by ASWA's Andrew Wall (SA)
VK3NDS' Astronomy Links Links to archives, catalogues, history, photography, skymaps etc
Martian Cloud Images Images courtesy of Calvin J Hamilton
Recent World Earthquakes Courtesy National Earthquake Information Centre (Denver)
Recent Earthquakes Courteay GeoScience Australia
Geomorphology from Space A Global Overview of Landforms
Geomorphology An Introduction from Encarta
The Virtual Geomorphology A Virtual Textbook in English as well as Polish
Web Resources for Geomorphologists Miami University's links page
new01.gif (172 bytes) Northeast Victoria Bushwalking page Courtesy Trevor Brown
Aviation Meteorology Aviation meteorology for Australia
Bathurst Soaring Club Bathurst, NSW
Landings Great aviation jump off site!!
Weather information for Gliding, Birdwatching & General Purposes Jack Harrison - especially info for thermal & wave soaring
Aerology Thoughts on air currents from a Greek paragliding site Great windsurfing site - flight on the water!!
South Australian Surf Forecasting Ben Matson
Australian Sky and Weather Kestrel hand held weather meters, Davis weather stations
Sphere Technologies For weather monitoring equipment, GPS & compasses etc

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